The ‘Dangal’ Girl Zaira Wasim Gets Support From The Both Powerful Political Parties In J&K

The two powerful political parties like PDP and BJP support the open views of the Dangal girl Zaira, focusing on the right to free opinion of the Indian Democracy. 

After the huge success of Dangal, the child actor Zaira Wasim is once again in the news following her social media comments on the extremist practices in the valley of Jammu and Kashmir. After making such comment the child actor, who played the role of child ‘Geeta Phogat’, has faced varied opinion and even faced the opposition. In reaction, she asked for apologies for hurting the feelings of the people of the valley. She has also visited the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir and asked for the apology.

Anyhow, though Zaira has deleted her controversial twit on twitter, she has received the support from various people. The most powerful parties in J&K, the allied BJP-PDP has come forward in support of the child actor, who has achieved such remarkable success in this tender age. They have appreciated the intellectual thought of Zaira and welcomed the opinion of the youth generation in the matter of their own lands.

The spokesperson of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) has told, “ She has arisen of her own and we deliver the message to the extremist that they cannot blackmail the people of the valley, who want to rise as per the development of the rest of the country.” On this same context, the spokesperson of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Waheed-ur-Rahman has said, “ Zaira is a self-made and successful person. Even in Jammu and Kashmir also there are the stories of success. These persons are not only successful but also self-made. We should celebrate these self-made persons in all the states.”

Indeed, there is no entertainment center in Jammu and Kashmir, where the young people can have their entertainments. The most of the Bollywood stars, more over the on-screen father to Zaira, Amir Khan has stood by Zaira for her comment. He appreciated the courage of Zaira and declared that they are there beside her. Most of the Indians have stood by Zaira in the matter of the practices of extremism in Jammu and Kashmir. The common and young people of Jammu and Kashmir are deprived of the normal life, which is led by rest of the India. They have to live their life in terror. Therefore, no flourishment can occur in the valley. In order to develop the condition of the state, the extremism has to be demolished from the lives of common people very soon.

In this situation, Zaira Wasim, who portrayed young ‘Geeta Phogat’, is the face of Jammu and Kashmir. She has gained success in Bollywood playing an effective role in ‘Dangal’.She is now being considered as the new successful face of devastated Jammu and Kashmir. The inhabitants of the valley should derive inspiration to rise high in their lives and gain their own identity keeping aside the political unrest conditions.

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