PM Narendra Modi invites US President Donald Trump to India

In order to strengthen the ties between India and America, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited the newly elected President of United Statesof America, Mr. Donald Trump to India. As we all know that the most respectful and powerful position in this whole world is the position of US President, hence all the eyes are now on the meeting which is to be held sooner or later this year. 

This meeting is going to be very crucial in terms of political agenda which both the India and America has towards terrorism. It is believed the first and foremost thing which PM Modi and US President Trump will have a talk about is ongoing terrorist activities worldwide and how to tackle such sorts of happenings.

It was all after when PM Modi got a call from the White House on Tuesday night and both the leaders had a warm conversation between each other. US President Donald Trump later emphasis that India is a "True friend" to the US and they both are looking forward to work with each other and strengthen their bilateral ties.

Both the leaders had a very long conversation on different issues relating to various sectors such as the economy, defense, trade and many other such vital sectors. The news publicized when both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump updated their Twitter account with series of quotations.  The White House also announced that during their conversation, Donald Trump has also invited PM Modi to the United States later this year.

Along with terrorism, the second most important factor which both the leaders talk about is the job creation. Both PM Modi and President Trump are so much eager to boost their job sectors in their respective countries. Although, there were no official statements issued from both the sides but it is believed that they soon will adopt a new task force to collaborate with each other's economic growth.
Donald Trump had mentioned about India and PM Modi many times during his Presidential speeches. He had also mentioned in Indian American rally held on October last year that US and India will become best friends if he gets elected as the President.  The whole world was looking forward to seeing this day and it has finally arrived. The meeting between both the leaders will definitely strengthen the bond between India and America in coming days.

India is within the first few countries with which Donald Trump had talked over the phone after he became the President. It is probably because PM Modi was among the first five persons to congratulate Donald Trump on his victory over Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton. Soon after he won the election, he mentioned that he would work on promoting good relation with India. This seems to be the beginning of that particular relationship which Trump was referring about.

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