Here is exciting news for all the Vodafone users in the country. The company has launched a brand new scheme of 4G data packs ranging from 150 rupees to 1500 rupees. If you are a Vodafone user then you would know that this probably is one of the greatest schemes the company has launched so far.

Today in this age of technology, practically every other person in this world is available on social media. From WhatsApp to Facebook, each and every such platform requires an Internet connection to run properly. Without the net connection, it is impossible to run those applications. Thus, to meet those needs, people tend to opt for data recharge packages every month.

But due to the expensive nature of these mobile data packs, prevents many people from regularly recharging their Internet packs, especially in Vodafone. Recharging every month becomes difficult for a common person. If you are a student then you would know the pain behind recharging data packs every month. The Vodafone users are very well aware of the fact that the data packs which were available previously were quite expensive.

This new 4G data package will definitely bring some relief for the Vodafone users. Now the customers can buy any 4G data packs ranging from 1 gigabytes to 35 gigabytes. The new packs are as much as four times the usual 4G data package of the Vodafone.  Mentioned below are the list of data packages and their respective prices.

  1GB - Rs 150
  4GB - Rs 250
  6GB - Rs 350
  9GB - Rs 450
  13GB - Rs 650
  22GB - Rs 999
  35GB - Rs 1500

As per Chief Commercial Officer of Vodafone India, Mr. Sandeep Kataria, he stated that the rate of Vodafone 4G users in India has increased a lot. Now people are getting more and more inclined towards watching videos online. On the launch day of the 4G data pack, he also stated that this would provide the limited users of mobile Internet to explore more.

Vodafone India surely has done a tremendous job by offering its customers with cheaper 4G plans. 4G plans were always high ends. Usually, people do not opt for 4G plans not unless they require a very fast Internet connection. As the videos available these days are mostly High Definition (HD), hence it requires better bandwidth to load the videos. In addition to this new move, the Vodafone has also launched a voice cum data pack under which the users are liable to get unlimited voice call with 3 gigabytes of data at just 499 rupees.

Well, in short, if you are a Vodafone user this might be one of the greatest opportunity for you and all other Vodafone users across the country. Now that you know that Vodafone has offered so much ease in data recharging, you can now go ahead and be the first one among your friends and family to avail the offer.

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